Dale Ann is offering Private
1-on-1 Lessons via SKYPE


Choose Between:
  • Guitar
  • Guitar & Vocals
  • Songwriting
  • (Beginners to advanced students)
4 Lessons Each Month
Prepay Monthly:
$200.00 ( 1 Hour Sessions ) or 
$120.00 ( 1/2  Hour Sessions )

* Payable thru PayPal
** All Sessions must be Paid Up Front.
## Sorry, No Refunds for No-Shows or Cancellations.

**Sessions will be held
   Each Tuesday

  Scheduled between 12 Noon and 5 PM (EST)
Only a few students can be accepted, so sign up today!!!!!
How do you sign up?

Class Enrollment is OPEN!!!

If you have questions, please message me thru my Facebook account. Thank you!!!

Order 1-Hour Lessons via SKYPE
($200.00 per month)

**Please read all details BEFORE ordering!!!!!
1-Hour Lessons
Order 1/2-Hour Lessons via SKYPE
($120.00 per month)

**Please read all details BEFORE ordering!!!!!
1/2 Hour Lessons

After receiving your PayPal payment thru the website, we will send you a confirmation email. At that time, we will request your Skype user name, a short assessment of your skills/expectations and offer lesson times to choose from. Your lesson time will be confirmed in a 2nd e-mail.
Once everything is confirmed, you'll receive Dale Ann's Skype address and you'll be added to her Skype contacts.
*Unsolicited attempts at connecting to Dale Ann's Skype account will fail.
To get Lessons using Skype, you'll need:
  1. A modern computer or laptop
  2. The Skype software (totally free!)
  3. A web camera (webcam) if one isn’t built in to your laptop/PC, you can buy one separately
  4. A soundcard and speakers
  5. A moderately fast internet connection

Test your System
Before requesting lessons, please complete this checklist to ensure your system can handle Skype lessons.
Your broadband and computer must meet the minimum speed required to prevent issues.

  1. Complete an Internet Speed Test at www.speedtest.net
    Check your result against the below speeds:
        Minimum speed: 0.6 mbps download/upload speed
            (if the result is below this, we won’t be able to have lessons)
        Recommended speed: 1 mbps
        Recommended speed for HD video: 1.5 mbps
*Most computers from the last 5 years will be fast enough for Skype guitar lessons.
Pre-Lesson Checklist
Before our scheduled lesson, please follow the checklist below to make sure you’re ready.
  1. Skype Account (If you do not have one, download Skype at www.skype.com and sign up)
  2. Email me your Skype user name so I can add you to my contacts
  3. Make sure the webcam is in position and the microphone is working (use the test call feature in Skype)
  4. Adjust the webcam position so it can see your face as well as the guitar
  5. Close any other background programs
  6. Ensure that nobody else in the house is using the Internet (to free up bandwidth)
  7. Be ready at least 5 minutes before our scheduled lesson time

Skype Lessons
Their website explains everything very clearly. In addition to having the right equipment to use Skype, your Internet speed must be fast enough for the video to stream smoothly.
You can read more information on Skype at Skype’s website. http://www.skype.com/en/what-is-skype/
Skype Support Links
If your system and broadband speed meet the above requirements, we shouldn’t have any issues. However if you do deal with problems specifically with Skype, you will need to check out the support section on Skype’s website, as I am unable to help with these issues.
Here’s a few links to help you out:
Connection issues: https://support.skype.com/en/category/CONNECTION_ISSUES/
Sound issues: https://support.skype.com/en/category/CALL_QUALITY/
Video issues: https://support.skype.com/en/category/VIDEO/
Installing and upgrading Skype: https://support.skype.com/en/category/TS_INSTALL_UPGRADE/