Matt Leadbetter is one of the top dobro players on the circuit today. Being raised in a musical family he started playing at the early age of 8 years old. Growing up he would go out of town with his dad, dobro great Phil Leadbetter to watch him perform. Seeing his father play the dobro, Matt new that was the instrument for him.

Now with nearly 20 years playing and 14 years on the road, Matt has already accomplished many things in his career. He landed his first road gig in 2000 where he traveled with Lynwood Lunsford and the Misty Valley Boys. He spent a year with Lynwood and also recorded on the album "It's A Carolina Morning". In 2002, Matt took the gig with Blue Moon Rising and performed with them for nearly a year. Once Matt got out of school, he started performing with Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike. You can hear Matt's dobro and harmony work on two of Valerie's CD's entitled "That's What Love Can Do " along with the gospel album "Wash Away Your Troubles".  Matt spent nearly 2-1/2 years with Liberty Pike before taking the job with the IBMA award winning group the Lonesome River Band.

Matt's playing along with his harmony vocals started getting recognized across the country by fans and some of the best artist in the business. You can hear Matt on the Lonesome River Bands  IBMA nominated album "The Road With No End". At the end of 2007, Matt took the gig with Grammy Award winner Marty Raybon (former lead singer for Shenandoah). Matt spent nearly 3 years with Marty traveling across the U.S playing some of the biggest country/bluegrass festivals around. Matt also recorded dobro and harmony vocals on 2 of Marty's albums which were both nominated for awards.

“I am really looking forward to this journey with the Dale Ann Bradley Band. I have always been a big fan of her music over the years. Dale Ann has one of the most gifted voices as well as one of the best bands on the circuit so I am very honored to be a part of it.”

Scott Powers - 

My love for music started at an early age, my family would always gather and sing and play. I first learned to play the guitar at 12 and as I grew older i wanted to learn more. I started playing the mandolin later on as my love for bluegrass grew stronger with a lot of influences.

I have traveled  with several different bands and have had the chance to play with a lot of musical icons. When I'm not on the road you can find me in church where I love to play and sing about my Lord. I am very excited to climb aboard and be a part of the Dale Ann Bradley Band and I'm looking forward to the adventure!                                                                                                                                   

Tim Dishman was born in Valparaiso, Indiana, Tim Dishman has family roots deeply planted in Alabama and West Virginia. He grew up playing drums and occasionally electric bass in his family’s Gospel band. He turned to Bluegrass at thirteen when he received his first guitar and his first Tony Rice album. He started his bluegrass career playing guitar with The Porter County Bluegrass Band. He later played electric bass with The Kenny Stone Unit.
When Tim met Special Consensus leader, Greg Cahill, he finally got an opportunity to show off his talents as an acoustic bass player and tenor singer. Tim became a member of Special Consensus in 1999 and traveled with the band through 2004, playing on both the “25th Year Anniversary” project as well as the award-winning “Route 10” album. 
Tim also was guitar player and vocalist of the Tina Adair Band as well as bassist for Mark Newton & Steve Thomas. Tim’s most recent stint has been with the country super star, Alan Jackson. Tim played bass on the latest Alan Jackson “The Bluegrass Album” and plays a select number of dates with AJ when he does his bluegrass shows.
Tim is also a two-time nominee for Bass Player of the Year at the International Bluegrass Music Association Awards.

Steve Wilson started playing music as a young boy, starting with guitar and moving on to banjo as a young adult. While living in Nashville and working for the Gibson Custom Art Division building art piece guitars, he started to take the craft more seriously, playing with several regional bands and learning from whoever would offer their time and knowledge. He was traveling to festivals, performed on the WSM Opry Star Spotlight and there was no turning back, the bug had bitten him for good.

After relocating to Upstate NY to finish raising his children closer to their immediate family, he played in many regional bands, recorded two albums, and enjoyed the seasonal life that the North country allows it's grassers. All the while, counting down to his move South to Westminster, SC, a town in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains that he fell in love with when he played a festival there many years before. In 2013, life was packed up, and Steve and his wife Melanie made the trip South to make their bluegrass way.

Steve immediately took up with a local band and started getting to know the fine people of his community. He also started building a new banjo, "The Guardian". He has been building them ever since. Steve's Custom Wilson Banjos are played by incredible bluegrass pickers like Dale Perry (David Parmley and Cardinal Tradition, Lonesome River Band, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver), Tony Wray (Tyminski, Blue Mafia, Tina Adair Band) and Gena Britt (Sister Sadie, Alan Bibey & Grasstowne, Lou Reid & Carolina).

He also formed a band called Wilson Banjo Co., signed by Bonfire Recording Company, that released a record "Spirits in the Hills" in October 2017 and remains on active on the charts today with songs like their Gospel hit "Ain't No Grave."

Working with Dale Ann is a dream come true for Steve. He has been a fan of her music for decades and having become friends over the past year and given the recent opportunity to record with her has been incredible. He is looking so forward to this musical journey with this A-list group of musicians.